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Morning Session 1
09.00–09.30Welcome and introduction of participants
09.30–10.30Invited talk: Henry Soldano
Abstraction, taxonomies, connectivity: from AI to FCA and back
10.30–11.00Coffee break
Morning Session 2
Recommendation and related topics
11.00–11.25Tim Wray and Peter Eklund
Using Formal Concept Analysis to Create Pathways through Museum Collections
11.25–11.50Yury Kashnitsky and Dmitry Ignatov
Can FCA-based Recommender System Suggest a Proper Classifier?
11.50–12.15Victor Codocedo and Amedeo Napoli
Bicluster enumeration using Formal Concept Analysis
12.15–12.40Josefine Asmus, Daniel Borchmann, Ivo F. Sbalzarini, and Dirk Walther
Toward a FCA-based Recommender System for Black-Box Optimization
12.40–14.00Lunch Break
Afternoon Session 1
Classification and tools
14.00–14.25Evgeny Kolmakov
Generalization and Modification of Classification Algorithms Based on Formal Concept Analysis
14.25–14.50Aleksey Buzmakov, Sergei O. Kuznetsov, and Amedeo Napoli
Concept Stability as a Tool for Pattern Selection
14.50–15.15A.A. Neznanov and A.A. Parinov
About Universality and Flexibility of FCA-based Software Tools
15.15–15.40Ines Moosdorf, Adrian Paschke, Alexandru Todor, Jens Dietrich, Hans W. Guesgen
PRCA -- A Parallel Relational Concept Analysis Framework
15.40–16.00Coffee Break
Afternoon Session 2
Applications on textual and linked open data
16.00–16.25Silvia Moraes, Vera Lima, and Luis Furquim
Concept Building with Non-Hierarchical Relations Extracted from Text – Comparing a Purely Syntactical Approach to a Semantic one
16.25–16.50Manuel Atencia, Jérôme David, and Jérôme Euzenat
What can FCA do for database linkkey extraction?
16.50–17.15Mehwish Alam and Amedeo Napoli
Lattice Based Views over SPARQL Query Results
17.15–17.30Closing Discussion

 Workshop Programme (PDF, 146 Kb)